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Sunday, August 2, 2009
My Name!

4:13 PM;

At first I thought my surname Yoon was really rare, because I haven't encountered anyone with that name, except for Yuhan's mama. Quite surprising right? lol But we're not in any way related lol Anyways I typed my name JONATHAN YOON on facebook and to my surprise, there were 3 pages worth of JONATHAN YOONs from all over the world lol. Quite interesting. Go type your name! I read that a couple met by simply typing his name and found a girl with that same name. And now they are getting married. So weird! lol


Sunday, July 26, 2009
Glorious Sweetness

1:36 PM;

Have you guys ever tried the Daim cake from Ikea? Boy, that is some delicious cake! If you haven't, I suggest you go try. And don't you ever forget about the Swedish Meatballs as well! Go try it! So basically I decided to try and duplicate this cake. Went online to search for the recipe. Unfortunately they didn't have the real recipe, but someone managed to figure it out. Roughly.. So I made it yesterday. It looks pretty good haha It was actually pretty nice. But really sweet and I'm worried I might get diabetes lol. It comprises of a pastry cream sandwiched between two meringue layers topped with almond praline and smothered with chocolate. Well here are the pictures!

Beating the meringueThe two meringue layersChocolate-ty goodnessI just had to put the Sweden flag there haha


Monday, July 20, 2009

10:35 PM;

Hate it! Julia won and Poh lost. Urgh!!! Overall, Poh was by far a better cook. I think Julia just got lucky. She should have been gone since final 3. Oh well, no point crying over spilt milk...


Friday, July 17, 2009

11:47 PM;

Had yum yum Bak Kut Teh for dinner last night and tacos today. I'm one satisfied boy hehe

This week is the final week for the show. I'm so going to miss it. The results will be on this Sunday when they will crown Australia's first Masterchef. I think it is so cool and exciting to be in that competition.

About the show:
Thousands of applications flooded in from across the country. Students, mums, professional sportsmen, solicitors, nurses and cleaners all applied. Young and old, each came prepared with raw talent and enthusiasm to leave their old life behind..and enter the kitchen with one driving aim: To become Australia's first ever MasterChef.

From high octane challenges at Sydney's famous Fish Markets, to time-pressure challenges with mystery boxes of food, surprise encounters with celebrity chefs, to tasks that will test their creativity and nerve, the MasterChef Australia contestants will be put through their paces.

With no prior professional cooking experience, these budding foodies have serious goals they want to fulfil. Their desired end results all differ - whether it is running a Michelin star restaurant, opening a small organic café in the hills of Adelaide, creating a catering business in Newcastle or opening a flagship restaurant in their home town utilising local produce, these contestants' dreams are on the path to becoming a reality.

Anyways, it is down to the final two and one of them is my all time favourite since the beginning till the end! You know why?? Cause she's M'sian!!!! M'sians rulela. Her name is Poh Ling Yeow. She was born in M'sia but migrated to Adelaide when she was 9. Omg, I drool everytime she cooks. It looks so good. When the judges praise her, I feel like as though they were praising me! Mum feels the exact same way as me! It's like she represents all the M'sians in Australia and it makes us proud that M'sia BOLEH! hehe

Poh and Justine (my two favourite girls lol in the show only!)

During invention test, where they have to create their best dish with a theme picked by the judges (eg Chinese, Greek, Italian)

In the elimination room. Final 3 down to final 2. Poh and Julie

Top 20

Croquembouche. One of the challenges, to duplicate the dish. Madness

In a nut shell, I think it is a great show. I learned so many new things about food. Words like puree, instead of mash, ganache instead of choc cream icing. All the different types of ingredients and herbs. This show is truly amazing. lol If you guys want to know more, learn new recipes or even watch episodes of the show, visit :


Friday, July 10, 2009
Westfield Doncaster

12:08 AM;

Hey guys, the holidays are about to end and its back to the books again. Everyone is stressing to do well this year. I guess this year determines everything. It determines which university you'll qualify for, it could also determine the rest of our lives. Sigh..I missed the carefree days when we didn't have to put in much effort and we could still get an A.

Anyways, my aunt from S'pore was here last Wednesday to visit my cousin in Melbourne. So they both came to Bendigo to visit the rest of the lot. Was out almost everyday. Went shopping, driving and also watched Transformers. It was so cool!!! I love that show. Screw the critics, I thought that show was fantastic. It had a story line to it and no one can deny the fantastic sci-fi action it brought. Phew, don't get me started on Megan fox..Wasn't she as hot as ever! lol I rate it an 8/10 (I meant the show). I like sequels. Shows like Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, X men, Harry Potter and all those movies that keep going on and on haha Hey not forgetting Toy Story! The third one will be coming out soon hehe

We had our usual family dinners, catch up and stuff. Last Thursday we decided to head down to the Direct Factory Outlet in Essendon. Was disappointed because there weren't many sales. But I enjoyed driving there. It was the first time driving to Melbourne and it was pretty fun. The country scenery was just breath taking throughout our journey. Luckily we arrived safely thanks to moi..haha And last Sunday we went to Westfield Doncaster to shop! It is also in Melbourne but around 20 minutes north of the central business district. Its sad how they don't really have many shopping complex in the cbd. And you can never get one as good as the ones back in M'sia. Places like One U and Sunway Pyramid are just fantastic compared to what we have here. Be happy with them guys..gotta give M'sia credit for their shopping complex!

I'm a fat slob..Shoot me. Can't help it, I'm turning back to how I was in St 6. lol You should had seen me then. I had a pot belly sticking out. And I lost all my buttons in my prefect vest hahaha! If you get what I was saying. I need motivation! I need the drive! I need steroids! lol Scratch the last one. Arghhh (starts pulling hair) I live to eat! Food is everything, food is my life haha Sorry, quotes from the Masterchef contestants when the judges asked them why they want to be the next masterchef. Ok, when school starts, the jogging starts lol Right...

I just had to show you guys this! lol
Saw a monkey on our way there
Then came another..The uncle with the aunts+mum
The cousinsThe scenery on the way to MelbourneStress. Laugh all you want drea hahaTried to catch the rainbow on the way backWestfield DoncasterDFO Essendon


Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Lazy people should be punished!

11:17 PM;

Cut the crap. I can't be bothered apologizing for not updating or saying that I promise to update more often. So cliché right? hahaha Fact is, I'm a real lazy bastard. But since I am having my holidays, I shall start posting again. Or atleast till the end of the holidays. Hmm should make it a term thing..

Anyways, I've been so crazy about this new/dumb/addictive game on facebook. AKA the infamous TYPING MANIAC. As the name quotes, it is a typing game. I don't know about you guys but it can be freaking addictive just to type random words. I blame Andrea.

Once upon a time, I noticed many typing maniac accomplishments by other people published on my home page. Thus deciding to give it a try. Well, the first time I tried I got around 45 which was alritela. That is until I saw that drea was number 10. WTF rite?? So anyways I chatted with Andrea on msn and she kept calling me a loser. (Thats what she does when she beats me at something. Its understandable cause its rare lol) So tak puas la. I said give me a day or two and I'll kick you out of number 10. Still saying a lot of stuff wor. "LOSER" ,"give it one year also you won't beat me".

But guess what, I always triumph when it comes to our issues. And I won! You hear that Andrea! I WON WON WON!!!! woohooo muahahaha. But I am a gracious winner hence I will stop rubbing it into her face. (I still won hehe)

Enough about me ranting, hows everyone doing back in M'sia?? Missing you guys so much. First of all, I would like to congratulate Wei Shen upon his return from NS. He certainly achieved what he wanted to which was to be thin. I myself have yet to achieve anything in life. Sad but true lol Oh well, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going right?

Anyways, last week I've been thinking whether to go xp. Been on Vista for around a year and a half. I won't say its terriblela but certainly not great. Got a few comments from people telling me to go xp. So yeah, spend one whole afternoon at my friends place converting this piece of junk to something more worthwhile. The end result was quite satisfying albeit the layout wasn't. XP is so boring. So I pimped it up to a windows 7 theme and boy it looks real cool. hehe Atleast now my Sims 2 doesn't lag as much when I make such a huge mansion.

The highlight of all happened last 2 months I think. Have you guys watch the biggest loser? I guess it isn't that popular in M'siala cus Andrea said it is on the Hallmark channel. But to cut things short, it is about a bunch of obese people wanting to make a change in their lives. So they go through workouts and healthy eating habits to lose fats in that reality show. Rigorous workouts guided by 2 fitness instructors. There is the US version and the aussie version of course. So anyways, Shannan, the guy trainer from the aussie Biggest Loser show was in Bendigo for an autograph session. And I've always loved watching him. Big buff guy. Most of all, his tatts are so darn cool!

The super long line to get an autograph
Don't mind my hideous hair. It is all gone lol

But the Aussie tv station are cruel people. While The Biggest Loser was broadcasted, I myself was motivated to get into shape. And I was actually losing weight. But screw that, after Biggest Loser series finished, a new series came up. MASTERCHEF. By the way, Andrea just called me dumb on msn. SO abusive right? hahaha Back to the topic, can it get anymore contradictory than this? First it was a show all about losing fats, next it is all about gaining fats. HOWla how?? My body also going through changesla. Ever since Masterchef started, I also started to brush up on my culinary skills lor. Masterchef show is brilliant. Managed to learn so much. From a simple quiche pie to a tarte tartin. Eh, dont laugh ar, I actually can cook. I just haven't been given the chance to show. haha rite...

Apparently I still owe Andrea a chocolate irish cream cheese cake.

By the way, its about time I changed my blog skin. Any ideas, feel free to let me know on my cbox. Bye people..


Friday, April 10, 2009

10:28 PM;

My dad will be leaving us tomorrow. It's quite sad really. Don't get me wrong, he isn't ditching us. But he is off to his new job. My mom will be driving down with my dad to Sydney where he will begin his induction and probably after a month or two he will be off to Brisbane where his actual work begins. Anyways, I wish him all the best and hopefully he adapts well by himself.

So, it would just be my younger sister and I in our home at Bendigo. Mom won't be back from Sydney until the coming Wednesday. hehe (I'll be up to no good) My mom was considering bringing my sister along because she doesn't trust me with her. This is because I "love" my sister too much that our games becomes a little rough. haha Those who know me well, would know what I do to my sister lol

Anyways, my mom was worried that we'll end up breaking the walls instead because it is a rented house. Who cares about Nikki right? hahah I'll have around 5 days to bond with her until my mom comes home. And when she does, my other sister and cousin from Melbourne would be coming over to stay a few days with us.

As I said earlier in the other post. I went to Melbourne. On our way there by train, it was so packed that I had to sit on the floor. But my mom and sister managed to get a seat. But thank god I didnt sit where Nikki was sitting. This freaking huge ass obese guy was sitting infront of her and occupying two seats. But that wasn't the bad part. That guy was freaking picking his nose and eating it. I felt like vomitting at the sight of him at the same time laughing at my sister haha. But pitty her, she might had been flicked with his booger. Eeww.

The disgusting guy with my sister's leg popping out

Kinda disappointed because there weren't much sales on. We went walking around the cbd area. Visited Melbourne Central, Victoria market and Chadstone. Always expect a lot of walking when you are there. Walked about 20km everyday. Tiring much? haha Stayed in my sisters apartment. Not too badla the place. Caught up with a few of my dad's friends in Melbourne. Anyways, don't wanna bore you guys too much. Here are the pictures!


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